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GPI TWeekly Archive: Fun Pendant Lights

GPI Design - Friday, March 09, 2012

We are all geared up and working hard on preparing some new lighting prototypes, so this week we were especially inspired by these interesting pendants on Twitter. 

HANG JACK PENDANT LIGHT BY PHILIPP SCHÖPFER AND DANIEL KLAPSING  "A handmade polished brass pendant light that offers 16 outlets from above for different kinds of bulbs." tweet via @mocoloco

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" ‘Hangover_no.1′: a customizable aluminium pendant light by stockwerk3 " tweet via @architonic

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Furniture by Benjamin Hubert for De La Espada  "loving these marble pendant lights by benjamin hubert" tweet via @gpidesign

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"Etch Web Lamp by Tom Dixon: British designer Tom Dixon has created the Etch Web pendant lamp." tweet via @decornewsfeed

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LC SHUTTERS PENDANT LIGHT BY LOUISE CAMPBELL "Contemporary Design, Pendant Light by Louise Campbell | GBlog" tweet via @DesignModern

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TWeekly Archive is GPI Design's new blog column that updates every Friday to feature innovative and inspiring architecture, interior, and lighting designs that are shared through Twitter within the week. We always appreciate tweeps who constantly refresh our minds by sharing great articles, pictures, and videos. If you have something that you feel like sharing and want it featured on our blog, leave a link in the comment or simply @gpidesign on Twitter. We are always hungry for cool designs!