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About GPI Design | "Integrated Surfaces + Light"

You're the artist, we're the brush; commercial interiors are our canvas.

GPI Design International Gripco Team Working with Translucent Surfaces

GPI Design works with architects, interior designers and lighting designers to create custom illuminated features for commercial interiors. With your vision as the driving force, our team crafts custom systems to merge translucent surfaces, lighting, and structural elements.

Our team consists of designers and engineers with backgrounds in architectural surfaces, lighting design, and structural engineering. From concept through installation, you'll find that we operate with principal-level involvement, attention to detail, and a collaborative spirit that cultivates creativity.


We enjoy becoming involved early in the design process to infuse your designs with unique material selections and innovative engineering methods.


Allowing us to integrate all the various elements that compose your memorable design statement provides you more time for other deadlines.


Our integrated engineering and manufacturing process controls joints, seams, trims and decorative finishes down to the millimeter. We obsess over the details so you don't have to.


Our turnkey approach allows us to take full responsibility for the details from start to finish - we design, we engineer, we fabricate and we can even install.