Backlit Feature
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Translucent Surface Solutions

Light-Transmitting Natural Stone, Wood, Glass, Resin, and Fabrics!

Translucent Surface Panels Material Options: Stone, Wood, Glass, Resin, Fabric

The surface will set the atmosphere, evoke emotion and provoke thought. From dramatic natural stone panels to clean and elegant glass, from deep textured resins to soft fabrics, you can call on our experience to help you discover the right decorative surface for your particular design. 

Ultimately, however your surface is supported or backlit, the surface material is the face of your design.  We support a great deal of thought behind its selection and to do so, we will help you determine:

  • How will the surface illuminate?
  • What size panels can be produced?
  • What lighting option is best suited?
  • What structural system will be necessary?
  • Will this surface fit the budget?
  • Is there a VE alternative?

From our own glass-backed stone panels to translucent surfaces from industry partners, GPI Design works with a tested selection of translucent architectural materials that integrate well with our Infuse™ Complete LED backlighting system for complete packaged design solutions.